Music Video Trilogies

Hey y’all!

Today I’d like to share with you something I really love – music video trilogies!

There is just something about the way a song can tell a story and then be visually interpreted in sections. One thing that adds an extra element of creative flare in an album, is the way the artist compiles the song choices to fit a certain theme. This is something I noticed listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and some of the Beatles mind-warping records.

Recently I’ve noticed themes in albums recently released by some of my favorite modern Nashville artists.

Dierks Bentley created a series of music videos, while not a “trilogy”, consisting of episodes. These videos tell the story of a man in love with a woman… who’s in a relationship with another man. The journey takes us through their story of half-hearted love, a man searching for hope at the bottom of a bottle, dozens of missed phone calls and a grueling unveiling of the truth, and then concludes with an escape, indulgence, and abandonment.


Lucie Silvas, is yet another artist who has created an astonishing visual interpretation of her music through a trilogy series. The story begins with a woman scorned who takes things a little too far in “Letters To Ghosts”. She throws her significant other in the trunk of her car, which we can assume means an attempt at murder. In “Villain”, the tables turn. We see Lucie’s character facing hard-time in prison when her man comes to visit her. She sings about accepting her faults and understanding a lack of forgiveness. Silvas then presents an addiction-filled video with “Smoke”. We can see her character and others in an AA style meeting begging for help.



Livi Del Valle


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