Vulnerability in Music

Hey Y’all,

Today I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind lately whenever I listen to music or try to write it — Vulnerability.

I believe the best songs are born from the hardest places to reach within our hearts. Often times I’ll find myself trying to write a song about a deep moment in my life or an observation of life that can be twisted into a beautifully tragic metaphor…. and often times I find myself struggling to come up with words that match what’s in my heart. I think that the writing process is a healing process – a moment of reflection in which we can evaluate ourselves and others. Sometimes songs are difficult to write because we don’t want to legitimize or be faced with the content in our minds.

Although you may end up with a tear-stained, pen-smudged paper, you’ll end up with a musical piece you can be proud of. It takes a certain strength to be vulnerable in music, especially if that music is meant to be shared.

One example of this is Sam Hunt’s recent release “Drinkin’ Too Much.” This song had me messed up after listening! The specificity of it really creates the tone of desperation and vulnerability and if I was him, I’m not sure I would have the guts to publish this.




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