Get To Know Me!


Hey! Thanks for visiting my website today! Below are posts that will help you understand more about my past, present, and future.

Where I’m From:

I was born in Falls Church, VA in 1996 — but I never considered it home. The traffic, the city-suburbs, and being uncomfortably close to Washington, DC, was not my cup-of-tea. My mother’s family was from Roanoke, VA, a place that I loved to visit every weekend, a place where my family and friends were, and a place where I could enjoy the mountainous views from a city that felt like a small town. Every Christmas was spent up there on Mill Mountain, looking down from the big shiny star — that, for me, was home.

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Where I’m At:

I’m currently a Junior at Virginia Tech studying Public Relations and Business. This school has thrown me into a completely new culture that after a rough first two years, I can now say I don’t ever want to let go of. As a Hokie, I get to share a special bond with not only the thousands of students who attend, but also those who have graduated. I am a photographer for the student-run newspaper and a music playlist maker for the VT radio station WUVT. Aside from school-related activities, I intern at Mountain Fever Records, a bluegrass record label that has produced great music in the Appalachian mountains.

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Where I’m Going:

Nashville. Music and excitement — that is the light at the end of my tunnel. My goal is to work in the music industry helping develop new talent and work with songwriters at a record label. This has been a crazy dream of mine since the first time I ever hear of the neon-honkytonk city. As for anyone (mom) who tells me I need to settle into a “normal” job at corporate office somewhere in the suburbs… keep dreamin’!